We are just trucking along with this 25 days of gratitude challenge! Today’s question is: Who are you grateful for and what do you love about them?


Oh gosh. There are just so many people I am grateful for.

First, I will start off with my amazing wife. I am beyond grateful for this woman. She’s really helped me open up as a person and just really helped shaped my life to what I want it to be. What I love about her is how she’s not afraid to be exactly who she is. She changes for no one and I love that authenticity about her. I also love the way she loves me unconditionally. It really is an amazing feeling.


Secondly, I am incredibly grateful for my son. There was no purpose in my life until he came into it. He also has made me such a better person and I couldn’t of asked for anything greater. I love his smiles, his little laugh, and they way he looks at me. It just melts my heart.


I am also grateful for my parents. As a teen I may not have been able to see how amazing they are but now that I have a family of my own and have met others and heard their stories of their parents, it makes me realize just how amazing they truly are. They have always been there for me no matter what and have instilled in me really great values. I will always be thankful for them.


Lastly, I am thankful for all my friends. They make my life fun and they are all special and unique in their own ways. I love how they have stuck by my side through thick and thin.


I am beyond blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. I am beyond grateful for each and every person that is in my life.

Who are you most grateful for and what do you love about them?


p.s. We went to the pumpkin patch today! Here are a few pictures!