Yes, I am THAT far behind. So sorry for the delay. With it being Halloween weekend, I just got majorly behind on everything. But here I am Back at it again. So let’s get right to it. Day 16’s question is: What was the best thing that happened today?


Since I am so far behind I will go ahead and answer this question about the weekend and of course the best thing that happened is we got to celebrate our son’s first Halloween! He had no idea what was going on but we still got to dress him up (as a biker baby!) and carve some pumpkins. We found out that we SUCK at carving pumpkins so we just pained them instead. After we got him all dressed up we went over to my parents house and got to have dinner with them, my sister and my grandma, which is always nice!

Day 17’s question is:  What is your favorite family tradition?


With thanksgiving coming up, my favorite family tradition is we always end our meal with a battle of the card game Phase 10. We love playing that game! There’s nothing better when you’re worn out from the holidays and stuffed with food than a little friendly competition, a  cold adult beverage, and family. We play until the wee hours of the morning and it’s just great.  I don’t think I have ever won this game but darn it I am determined!


Day 18’s question is: What kindness did someone give you today?


It’s not so much just today but ever since I became visibly pregnant or am out and about with my son, people just seem to be a lot nicer to me. They go out of their way to open doors for me or if i drop something, they help pick it up. It’s a wonderful phenomenon but I just wish people were like that always. Baby or not.


Today’s (Day 19) question is: What do you like about where you live?

25 Days of Gratitude (18).jpg

Currently, there’s not much nice to say about the physical place, our house, that we live in. We are hoping to buy a house in the Spring so hopefully I will have loads of nice things to say about our house then! But as far as the town we live in goes, I LOVE it! We live in a little suburb right outside a smaller major city. It’s not too little where there’s nothing to do but it’s not too big that people are stacked on top of each other. Everything we could ever need is always within a 10 min drive and it’s just perfect.

So what are YOUR answers to the above questions? I would love to hear them!