Ahhh we are in the home stretch!! Here we are in day 20 of the 25 Days of Gratitude challenge. Today’s question is: What you do love about one or more of your friends?

25 Days of Gratitude (19).jpg

I wouldn’t say I have the most friends in the world. I have a small handful of people I would consider my close friends. All others are mainly acquaintances that you talk with about every day things but maybe not the “deep” stuff. I do have a few that I can do that with. And to those girls, I am so very thankful they are in my life. What I love about them is we can go days, weeks, or even months without speaking and when we do finally speak it’s like we never stopped talking. It’s never weird or awkward. We always just go with the flow. All of us are getting married and having kids now which is totally awesome to see and experience these things as a group but it definitely makes getting together like we use to that much harder, so I am very grateful for the fact that we can get together like we were never apart.


So what do you love about your friends?