I got behind over the weekend. Shocked? Ya, I didn’t think so 🙂 My wife’s birthday was over the weekend and my in laws came in town to surprise her all the way from Georgia. So needless to say, we were very busy!

But guess what?! It’s the final day of 25 Days of gratitude!! Get excited! Day 22’s question is: What is a special memory from childhood?


I think my most special memory from childhood is just anytime I was playing softball. I loved playing softball when I was younger. I think it was incredibly special getting to spend every weekend and most week nights with your best of friends. Getting to learn loads of stuff from my dad and then having my mom and grandparents constantly cheering me on. Those memories will always have a special place in my heart.


Day 23’s question: What do you like about your job?


I have a love hate relationship with my job. I hate it because I have to be away from my son but i love it because it pays the bills and I work with some really great people. I am very fortunate with the job that I have. I only have an associates degree and some would say we live pretty comfortably with me not having a whole lot of education. We definitely don’t live lavishly but we are not eating ramen noodles every day and our cars aren’t running on fumes. I am VERY thankful that I can provide for my family so we do not have to wonder where we are getting our next meal from, our next pack of diapers, our next can of formula, etc.

Day 24’s question: What spiritual beliefs are you grateful for?


I am incredibly grateful for the church I have found. I haven’t been doing back for long but I love the fact that my church is so open. Anyone is welcome, including my wife and I. They focus heavily on serving the community and having your own, unique relationship with God. They understand that every one’s relationship will be different, you don’t have to fit in some stereotypical cookie cutter in order to worship there. And another thing I love is that it is ok and encourage to ask questions and to challenge what is being taught to get a better understanding. It really is quite amazing. I know this was more about my church than my beliefs but I think having a great church like this really shapes my beliefs.

And lastly Day 25’s question: What freedoms are you grateful for?


I think this is a really appropriate question, considering the election is tomorrow (anyone else incredibly thankful it is almost over?! ). One of the most important freedoms to me is being able to have my family in tact. The freedom to stay married to whomever I choose and for my son have 2 legal parents in both of his moms. We currently have this and I would be absolutely devastated if this freedom were ever to be taken away from us. With a candidate or two (i’m not going to mention any names, this is not the time or the place for that) who is running, the reality of those freedoms getting taken away are all of a sudden very real. In the last presidential election it was a very real fear that I may not be able to get married, ever. But now that my family is here and established the fear that it could be destroyed is that much worse. I just hope that America can come together and make the best choice tomorrow.

So, what are your answers to the above questions? And since it’s the last day, what are YOU most thankful for right now?


P.S. Here’s a picture from my wife’s birthday 🙂 She is now 24!