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25 Days of Gratitude – Day 14

Happy Thursday! It is day 14 of the 25 days of Gratitude challenge! Today’s question: What is something you love in nature?


I actually really like being outdoors. I love camping, just wish we had time and the resources to do it more. Here are some things I like about nature:

  • The sun – the warmth and the hope of a new day that it brings
  • The trees – especially in the fall, the changing colors are absolutely beautiful!
  • All the animals – I just love them all, they are too cute.
  • The breeze

Being in nature is just so nice and really makes you reflect inward, it’s just so peaceful! I love it!

So, what is something you love in nature?



25 Days of Gratitude – Day 13

We made it to hump day!! And it’s day lucky #13 of our 25 days of gratitude challenge! Today’s question is: What gift did you love receiving this year?


This is a pretty easy question for me because the gift that will never be topped is receiving the gift of my son. There is no better gift out there. He has completely changed my life but has brought me so much joy and so much meaning to my life. In being give my son this year I was also given the amazing gift of seeing my wife turn into a mother, my parents turn into grandparents and my sisters turn into aunts. That in it of itself has been a truly great gift and I am beyond thankful to have gotten and continue to experience it.


So, What gift did you love receiving this year?


25 Days of Gratitude – Day 12

Happy Tuesday! Today is day 12 of the 25 days of gratitude challenge. We are almost half way there! Today’s question is: What is something you are good at?


Now this is a really hard question for me to answer because I often feel like I’m not really good at anything. So I enlisted the help of my wife and this is what she had to say that I am good at.

She first said that I was good at being a mom. This meant a lot because I am in a constant state of guilt and wondering if I’m doing something right when it comes to our son. Is his diaper on too tight? Do I change him enough? Am i feeding him the right amount? Am I an awful parent for giving him off brand formula? Why did my body have to fail me in the first place, then I wouldn’t have to give him this crap!? Am I an awful mom for going back to work, even though we cant financially make it if I were to stay home? Did we do enough activities today? Is he learning? Is he progressing? These and a million other thoughts fly through my head all day long. But at the end of the day my son is healthy and very very happy so I’ve got to be doing something right!


She then said I was good at cleaning (when I actually do it LOL). Cleaning has been something I have really struggled with ever since becoming pregnant. I did end up being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. And I think that has played a huge role in my complete lack of motivation to do anything except hold and take care of son. My wife has immensely stepped up in this department and I am eternally grateful for it. I don’t even want to think what our house would look like if she didn’t. But she is right, when I do actually clean, I do think I’m good at it. I will blame that on a touch of OCD. I can be very organized when I want to be and am really good at organizing a chaos.

She also said I was good at sports. Now this one is a bit debatable because I’ve been overweight my entire life so running and the like have never been my strong suit. I love sports and put everything I have into them when I play them but in measuring my actual ability, I was so-so. Probably wouldn’t have been able to play in college, even if I tried.


Another thing she said was I was good at was making people laugh. Now this is sort of true. I can be really sarcastic and kind of mean.  But since I’m sooo nice 99.9% of the time that when I do say something really mean, people just think I’m joking and they think it’s hilarious. But i do have my moments where my comedic timing can be pretty on point. The occasion may be few and far between though.

And lastly she said I was good at providing for my family. I do try really hard to do all that I can to provide for them. I gave up my dream of being a stay home mom and I try to budget and do everything I can to make sure we can have at least all our needs and at least some of our wants.

Well now that I’ve tooted my own horn quite a bit, what are you good at?


25 Days of Gratitude – Day 9, 10 & 11

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I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I got a little behind so I’m going to do 3 days of the 25 days of gratitude challenge today. First up is Day 9. That day’s question is : What made you laugh today?


Something that has mad me laugh recently is we have started going back to church the past couple weeks. The first week my son (who’s 3 months) let out the loudest fart during silent prayer. The second week he laughed after a gentlemen asked for prayers because his friend recently passed. Both instances were so inappropriate but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Day 10: What is something hard to do but you did it anyway?

25 Days of Gratitude (9).jpg

One of the most difficult things I had to do was come out to my family. I have a very traditional, Catholic family so I was very unsure of how it was going to go but I couldn’t keep this secret anymore.

I first told my sisters, one of them figured it out before I could tell her in person and she cried. The other one didn’t really care. That same night I went ahead and told my parents. I probably sat in my living room in silence for a good hour before I could blurt it out. After I told them they really didn’t say much, just that they were surprised and that they needed to process this. They never made me feel bad about it or anything like that, they just needed time to get used to the idea. When you dream about your kids’ future, that’s usually not part of the mix so it is something they had to wrap their minds around. It’s been 4 years since then, almost 5 and they have come so far. They helped me throw my wedding, my dad even made a heartwarming speech at my wedding. I couldn’t ask for more loving, acceptable, and flexible parents. It was so hard to tell them but I’m so glad I did it because now I don’t have to live in secret.


Day 11: What is your favorite family outing you went on this past year?


My favorite family outing this year that we took is taking our son to the Zoo. I love the zoo and it was so cool to get to show him all the animals, although he probably couldn’t care less at this point.


So today I want to know 3 things from you, What made you laugh today? What is something hard to do but you did it anyway? and lastly, What is your favorite family outing you went on this past year?


P.S. My son turned 3 months old this weekend!!



25 Days of Gratitude – Day 8

It’s Friday Ya’all!! Get excited! We’ve made it a week through the 25 days of gratitude challenge! Today’s question is: What is something beautiful that you saw today?


Right now the thing I think in this world is the most beautiful are mornings like this morning. All 3 of us wake up and we can just sit and play. It is beyond beautiful to just sit back and watch my wife and son interact. They definitely love each other. They are my reason for getting up in the morning. It’s definitely the one and only thing I don’t mind waking up early for.

So what is something beautiful that you saw today?


25 Days of Gratitude-Day 7

Happy Thursday! We have made it to day 7 of the 25 days of gratitude challenge! Today’s question is: What is something one of your family members did to make you happy today?


It’s only the morning time but my family has already done so much for me!

My wife helped me get the baby ready this morning by packing his formula and bottle. She also put my lunch together for me. And she told me she loved me.

My parents are watching my son today because my wife is in training and i have to work. I love their constant support!

That’s it for today! What is something one of your family members did to make you happy today?


25 Days of Gratitude – Day 6

Happy hump day! Today is day 6 of the 25 days of gratitude challenge! Today’s question is : What do you like most about the current season?


I just absolutely love fall! I love so many things about fall. Here is my list:

  • Weather – cooling down, but not yet cold!
  • The beautiful fall leaves
  • My favorite holiday – thanksgiving (not because of the food but because it’s not commercialized, it’s just about enjoying a nice meal with your family!)
  • Halloween – who doesn’t love candy?
  • Hot cocoa
  • Bon fires
  • Hoodies
  • My wife and I’s anniversary
  • Post season baseball
  • Football starts

So there’s my list! What do you love most about fall?


25 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

Happy Tuesday! We are now on day 5 of the 25 days of Gratitude challenge!! Today’s question is: What is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for?


Oh gosh. So much is different from a year ago. This time last year my wife and I were newlyweds. Fresh off the honeymoon boat and eagerly talking about starting our own family.

Today, we do have our own family and I am beyond grateful for it. And really I’m grateful for all the little moments that have occurred over the past year. The moment we are able to actually conceive, finding out we were pregnant, shopping for all his little baby things, feel those first flutters, feeling his first kicks, my wife getting to feel him move for the first time, the look on her face when that moment occurred, laying awake at night with my wife just rubbing my belly and feeling our baby move, me feeling him roll and tumble, getting to see him every week via ultrasound, my wife giving me foot and back massages, delivering a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby boy and getting to spend all those special moments with him and my wife over the past few months.

I really just have sooo much to be grateful for. I am beyond lucky.

And here is us a year ago on Halloween as Ron Weasley and Dolores Umbridge!


So, what is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for?



25 Days of Gratitude – Day 4

On to day 4!! Today’s question is: What accomplishments in your life have brought you the most happiness?

25 Days of Gratitude (1).jpg

This one is easy. The one accomplishment I am most proud of is my son. I was put on this earth to be a mom and I am beyond happy now that I am one. He is my missing puzzle piece! He brings me so much joy that it is simply indescribable.

Today was short and sweet and to the point! So, What accomplishments in your life have brought you the most happiness?

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